Today‘s Hotel-Gasthof BAD in Eisenbach has a long history.
Determining the exact date the house was build is now impossible,
however, according to the files from the Fürstlich Fürstenbergischen
Archive in Donaueschingen it can be estimated that the house was
built between 1570 and 1662. From these files it is also possible to
determine the house was used from the very beginning as a locality.
In the beginning it was, however, not named „BAD“ rather „Brückle“.

The name „Brückle“ probably stems from the fact that the Eisenbach
brooks flows under a bridge right next to the house. This brook served,
until 1846, as the border between Eisenbach and the city of Bräunlingen,
wich lies 15 kilometres away. This border was also the Austrian border
until 1806, and was first bureaucratically noted in 1561.

Between the brook and the street is a small field that, in 1570, due to
a conflict over lease interest, became a point of contention between
Fürstenberg and Austria. The conflict was decided when the Archduke
of Austria himself intervened in Bräunlingen, to his benefit, of course.
The guesthouse can be found in a detailed list of lease interests from
1662. At this time in Eisenbach were 22 full farms and 3 half farms.

And where did the name „BAD“
come from?

The name „BAD“ is clearly based on the wellness business in the
house that began over hundred years ago. Offered at that times
was a mineral water spring, with high iron content, and spruce
needle bathes. This wellness aspect was set underway by the
owner of the time, a doctor named Staerker. According to local
folk history from local citizens, however, there were guests who
travelled to the house as early as the 18th century for a health cure.

The source of the spring and
mineral water production

The tunnels, from which the spring stems, is over 200 meters long.
Eisenbach thanks it‘s name to the mining of iron ore. Beginning in
1520 iron ore was mining in grand style took place for 150 years.
More than 60 miners worked in the tunnels.
From 1904 until 1969 the Hotel- Gasthof BAD operated a mineral
water production. Numerous assessments from certified specialists
declared the unique chemical and water quality and purity, several
times as even the best among over a thousand Black Forest
mineral water springs.