In the middle of the 19th century the owner of the clock was
Johann Baptist Beha. He was the great grandfather of today's
hotel manager's mother, and was a well known clock maker
well over the borders of the Black Forest. He build Cuckoo clocks
in large series. With his excellent handwork and sense for business
he was a critical to the growth of the Black Forest clock industry.
His connections to English traders brought both himself and family
to considerable J.B. Beha, however, did much more than just build
cuckoo clocks. He spend much time and energy with problems in
the art of clock making. An excellent example of this is the world
time clock which is now found in the restaurant of the Hotel BAD.
The pendulum is 2.5 meters long, weights 65 kilograms, and hangs
on floor higher than the clock itself. J.B. Beha used for this clock
a compensations pendulum. This was a sensation in the Black Forest
at this time of its creation. The pendulum plate has a diameter of
50 cm. The clock is build into a wall, so that it is visible from two
sides. You can read the times from London, Petersburg, Paris,
Constantinople and New York.